End of an Era

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a guest at a number of “The Apartment” parties at friends Michael Leviton and Leah Hayes’ place over the last few years.  They’d invite musicians over for an evening every month or so and people would take turns getting up and playing a song or two right there in this tiny railroad apartment’s living room.  Everyone would crowd into the room, sitting on the floor, standing in the hall, it was very intimate, and almost every party, a few of the performances would be simply amazing.  Keith and I discovered a few of our favorite musicians there.  Alas, Michael and Leah are finally moving to a new place, and don’t expect to be able to throw parties like this anymore, so here’s looking back…  the Times has just done a piece on this story you can read here.

See a few of my favorite performances here:

Sharon Van Etten

Forest Fire

Luke Temple


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