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Sarah & Chris’ Wedding at The Roundhouse At Beacon Falls

Sarah & Chris chose one of my favorite venues in the Hudson Valley for their wedding– The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls.  I was excited to shoot there at the peak of summer since prior to this I’d only shot there in spring and fall– the foliage and weather did not disappoint!  The train tracks I’ve grown to love shooting on and around were delightfully overgrown with wildflowers and green stalks of prettiness.  After shooting their preparation and portraits we went indoors to set up our photobooth for the reception and then I got to capture an emotional Ketubah signing ceremony in the bridal suite with the family present.  The ceremony seemed like it might get rained on but we went on as planned and sure enough the weather held out for the rest of the night!  Highlights of the evening included spirited toasts, a rock’n’roll serenade (and an audience-demanded encore) performed by Chris and his buddies, who were lent instruments by the amazing Dexter Lake Club Band, who rocked all night as they are wont to do.  I couldn’t be more happy for this fantastic couple– they’re a match made in heaven!  Congratulations, Sarah & Chris!

Vendor Information:
Venue: The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls 
Wedding gown: Sarah Janks 
Bride’s shoes: Stuart Weitzman 
Hair: Daria Kalinina 
Makeup: Meredith Hayman  
Bridesmaid dresses: Adrianna Papell Beaded Chiffon Blouson Dress in Mist 
Groom’s suit/tux: Theory 
Officiant: Sara Luria, Rabbi 
Invitation Design:Stephanie Somodi 
Floral Design: Sarah Lusardi, Engaging Florals  
Catering: Venue 
Music:Dexter Lake Club Band 


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