Becky & Avi’s Engagement Portraits in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

When Becky initially contacted me I was so excited because she and Avi were planning to be married at a venue downtown that I’ve *longed* to shoot in for years now, but never had the chance.  Angel Orensanz is an event space housed in the oldest surviving synogague structure in NYC.  It’s sanctuary was designed to resemble the Sistine Chapel, and the rest of the interior is influenced by the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  This uniquely beautiful space is now a famous arts center and nonprofit– it embodies so many of the things I love about New York City itself, and it’s potential as a wedding venue is unmatched in my opinion.  Amazingly this couple was referred to me by my favorite wedding band of all time, The Dexter Lake Club Band— who will be playing for them!  So when I heard that Becky and Avi would be working with a floral designer whose work I absolutely adore, Rebecca Shepherd, I felt like this wedding was a dream come true and it was just meant for me– you can imagine my delight when they chose me to be their photographer– it’s basically my ideal wedding!  Of course as luck would have it then Angel Orensanz had some sort of building failure that has forced them to shut down temporarily and fix a part of their structure before reopening… luckily they’re expected to be back in business a few months before Becky & Avi’s wedding and this amazing couple has rolled with the punches and is making backup plans as possible just in case.  Now that I’ve had a chance to shoot their engagement portraits around their neighborhood in Brooklyn I couldn’t be more confident that stars have aligned here– this couple is so fun and cool and their wedding is most definitely gonna rule so check back in November (fingers crossed) to see those pictures too!


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Esther Muhlbauer Weber - June 13, 2014 - 10:59 pm

just beautiful!!!

Esther Muhlbauer Weber - June 13, 2014 - 11:02 pm

Looks like two people very much in love -may you stay that way forever more!!!!

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