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Jes & John’s Wedding at The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls

Jessica & John were married in a beautiful ceremony at St. Mary Mother of the Church in Fishkill, NY, a short drive away from their reception venue, The Roundhouse.  Since the Roundhouse is also a fabulous hotel, they got ready there– I started the day with Jessica and her lovely bridesmaids in the penthouse overlooking a waterfall while my assistant shot with the guys getting ready in another room downstairs.  Jessica and John chose to have their portraits taken after the ceremony in a nearby park (and what a gorgeous day we had after lots of rain-worry!) so we kept them from seeing each other as we moved from the hotel to the church.  John was so happy to see her walking down the aisle towards him, and he has such a great smile.  After a moving sermon by the priest and a communion ceremony for those gathered, these two lovebirds were presented as husband and wife and it was time to celebrate.  The wedding party and family joined us at Long Dock Park on the Hudson where we captured all the group shots that were important as well as some sweet “just married” portraits of the couple!  The park was so lush and pretty and I couldn’t believe some of the birds we saw casually hanging out in the trees there.  We headed back to the Roundhouse to finish up the portraits with the extended family shots in front of the waterfall and then it was on to cocktail hour celebration.  Highlights of the reception included an amazing performance by their band, The Nocturne, some sweet and hilarious toasts that shed light on this sweet couple’s history and how perfect they are for one another, and a fantastic crowd that was not afraid to live it up on the dance floor all night.  I capped off the evening with a special night portrait utilizing one of my favorite new lighting tools for getting creative light painting… I ‘circled the couple with love’ as they froze for a long exposure and the results were cooler than I had even imagined!  I couldn’t have been more thrilled to shoot for this amazing couple and they deserve every happiness– Congratulations Jes & John!

Vendor Credits:
Getting Ready Location: Roundhouse Beacon
Reception Venue: Roundhouse Beacon
Event Design: Kara Widmer
Wedding Day-of Coordinator: Kara Widmer
Wedding gown: Jim Hjelm, Exquisite Bride
Bride’s shoes: Cole Haan
Hair: Rachel Wright
Bridesmaid dresses: The Dessy Group
Groom’s suit/tux: The Black Tux
Invitation Design: Designers Fine Press


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