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Jesse & Jessica’s Wedding at Eolia Mansion in Harkness Memorial State Park, CT

My thoughts on this wedding can be summed up in one word: wow!  It is rare that we photographers get so much punch packed into one location– this park was gorgeous– it featured a mansion for the getting ready and cocktail/reception, a sweet little ampitheatre for the ceremony, and the options for portraits were almost overwhelming! After setting up their first look in a beautiful grape arbor type structure facing the Eolia Mansion’s gardens, we toured the grounds and within fairly quick walking distance I was able to get shots of Jesse & Jessica in tall grasses (rare!), amidst gorgeous giant trees, in front of a charming barn-like building, a tree with hearts/initials all over it, and later during the reception them down to the rocky shore for a portrait around sunset time. I could have shot portraits at this place all day, I barely even began to utilize the beautiful gardens, and didn’t have time to hit the sandy beach area… alas, next time! I hope to shoot at Harkness Memorial State Park again or at least take my husband there for a weekend getaway–what a relaxing and beautiful park! To make things even better Jesse & Jessica had a super sweet wedding that involved almost no “outside” vendors– in other words, everyone involved with their wedding (except the venue/caterer) was someone they knew personally! Jesse’s brother Kerk played the music for their ceremony, and their DJ, Christopher Torres, was a friend. The cake was made by the bride’s Grandfather, and the invitations were designed by Jessica’s sister (and maid of honor) Laura. Even I was an old friend of Jesse’s from Wesleyan.  To top it all off, Jesse arranged to serenade his bride during the reception with an Al Green cover with his brothers performing as his backup band.  So you can imagine with this DIY spirit what a warm-feeling celebration it was. Congratulations, Jesse & Jessica– you did it!  Check out my favorites from the day below…

Wedding dress by Saja
Shoes by J. Crew
Makeup & Hair by Modern Edge
Bouquets by Azalea
Centerpieces provided by Mother of the Groom
Venue: Harkness State Park, CT
Catering: A Thyme to Cook
DJ: Christopher Torres
Favors: Jelly Belly


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