New Slideshow: Lindsay and Ben in Brooklyn!

I’ve just signed up for this slideshow service at… this is one of my first slideshows– i made it with the engagement portraits from Lindsay and Ben’s shoot last weekend. I have a limited amount of control (even putting them in order was more difficult than it should have been and I think there are still some screwy things in the order…) but the effects it produces can be pretty rad, much higher-tech looking then if I created a plain old pic by pic slideshow myself. I’m curious for some reactions– does this appeal to you guys more than a regular slideshow? Or is it annoying? What bothers me most is that the program seems to crop a lot of my images, taking away from what are very beautiful compositions and in a few of the worst cases cutting off heads and feet… what I love is that it is so much simpler than other slideshow creation tools and it can be embedded in facebook, my blog, etc, with no hassles… the link can be forwarded by my clients, etc. Thoughts? Comments are welcome. I guess it’s too late for me to unsubscribe to the service but going forward i’d love to know whether this is too choppy/too many pictures to take in (to make one that moves slower I’d put in fewer shots) or if people enjoy this style of slideshow more than a traditional one.

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DT - May 18, 2009 - 6:45 pm

I really like it Sarah, but may have a slightly skewed opinion because it supplemented the earlier photos you posted on the blog, and which I’d enjoyed studying.

One question I have is whether it will play reliably on Facebook? Others videos there haven’t always come through for us (but we’re compumorons) and even though it’s a slideshow it might be something that gets messed up ‘in translation’,if you see what I mean.

As far as the cropping is concerned, I’d think your customers could get over that if they’ve seen the original formats you’ve created. Finally, and again, if I were a customer and had the chance to post something like that on my Facebook page (reliably) I’d be thrilled.

Becky - May 30, 2009 - 2:29 am

I love it! Yes, it’s different than being able to study the composition… but it’s its own unique thing. How do I do that with my pictures??? Jon and I have a great song we put the birth pictures to on our Apple TV slideshow.

Dave - June 11, 2009 - 4:09 am

Hi Sarah, love your photos. it adds a nice mood to the viewing experience. It’s flashy in a fun way, but the quality of the photos still stand out great.

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