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Delara & Nikhil’s Wedding at Belle Haven Club

Delara & Nikhil were married on a beautiful sunny Saturday at Belle Haven Club on the coast of Greenwich, Connecticut.  Officiating the proceedings was Senator Richard Blumenthal, and guests had come from far and wide to celebrate their union.  I began the day at the Delamar Hotel where Delara and her bridesmaids were getting ready, and my assistant photographer was with Nikhil and his groomsmen at his parents home.  We brought them together for a first look at Belle Haven Club and walked around with them capturing portraits of the two of them before pulling in their bridal party and family for group shots, and we finished ahead of schedule so there was time for everyone to cool off indoors.  I went upstairs with the bride and her bridesmaids and made what might be one of my favorite bridesmaid pictures ever of their squad with their hands in the pockets of their gowns, looking tough and serious!  I personally just love dresses with pockets and I knew I wanted to show them off in a photograph but the expressions on their faces took it to another level!  Guests arrived and were served refreshing drinks as a string quartet played prior to the ceremony on the lawn facing the ocean and we prepared to shoot the ceremony.  It was full of meaningful readings and the couple wrote their own vows.  After the ceremony guests were treated to a cocktail hour by the sea, complete with an oyster bar, and at sunset the club staff fired the canon and pulled down the ‘colors’ (flag), a yacht club tradition.  Once invited to sit down, they entered the tent, complete with a dance floor and festooned with ornate white lanterns  hanging overhead.  Just before their grand entrance my assistant and I captured a few sweet shots of the couple enjoying a moment alone before they were announced, and then it was on to their first dance.  Delara and Nikhil’s siblings and parents were prepared with speeches full of funny anecdotes and there were lots of laughs all around. I had shot their engagement party in the city earlier this year and a welcome party at a friends’ home the night before so I was familiar with many of the faces and it was so fun to capture this beautifully diverse crowd enjoying the dance floor together as the band played throughout the evening.  When it seemed like a good time to take them out of the tent for a few minutes I captured a few portraits with the darkening night sky and the party in the background. At the end of the night Delara and Nikhil hopped in the club’s launch boat with some champagne and were driven back to their hotel– it must have been a glorious moonlit boatride!  Congratulations to Delara and Nikhil and their wonderful families on this fabulous celebration!

Vendor Information:
Reception Venue:  The Belle Haven Club
Wedding Day-of Coordinator: Eloquence Events – Hannah Elsaesser
Bride’s shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Makeup: Andy Jablow
Groom’s suit/tux: Jos. A. Bank
Invitation Design: Social Alchemy
Floral Design: Elegant Effects
Catering: Belle Haven Club
Music (Ceremony): Highline String Quartet
Music (Reception): Audio Via of Elan Artists
Ceremony Program:  J Papers
Menu Cards:  Belle Haven Club
Wedding Cake Designer: Sweet Lisa’s Exquisite Cakes
Getting Ready Location: Delamar, Greenwich Harbor
Tent:  Cove Tent
Lighting:  Spectrum Lighting

Rachel & Scott’s Wedding at Lyndhurst Mansion

Rachel & Scott were married on the grounds of Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown.  We started the day capturing their getting ready at the Doubletree hotel just down the street, and all were in good spirits– the rainy day forecast had shifted enough that we were all confident about having the ceremony outdoors!  Sure enough, the weather held and we didn’t see a single drop.  I loved getting to shoot portraits of this amazing couple around the beautiful grounds of the castle.  They looked like a fairytale under this enormous tree and I found a patch of lavender to shoot them with that matched perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses.  We met up with the wedding party and started to make group shots only to stumble upon a bees nest of some kind just as things were getting going.  A few of us got stung but the biggest worry was that one of the groomsmen had a bunch of bites and was potentially allergic– Scott actually has a history of working in the medical field so he was calm under pressure and quickly knew to call an ambulance… while our groomsman was being taken care of we moved on to family group shots– and the good news is he was OK and even made it back in time for the Ketubah ceremony!  We were able to gather the wedding party just after the ceremony to do the group shots we hadn’t gotten to before what with the bee sting situation, too. Emotions were running high but Rachel and Scott handled the whole situation so beautifully, it was a testament to what a great couple they are and how much care they put into their relationships with their families and friends.  As the ceremony, vows, and later that evening the toasts from parents and siblings also attested, these two are a perfect fit and they both feel so lucky to have found one another.  After their ceremony guests were treated to a cocktail hour at the carriage house and a tented reception with a live band that kept people on their feet all night. Rachel & Scott are an absolutely radiant couple and I was so honored to capture this wedding!  Congratulations Rachel & Scott!


Reception Venue: Lyndhurst Mansion
Wedding gown: Hayley Paige
Makeup: Makeup by Nanci / Nancy Farruggi
Bridesmaid dresses: Bill Levkoff
Floral Design: Little Glass Slipper / Cary Pereyra
Catering: Philip Stone Caterers
Music: Faze4Orchestra, Metropolis
Wedding Cake: Lulu Cake Boutique
Groom’s suit/tux: Calvin Klein
Officiant: Cantor Jill Abramson
Invitation Design: Whimsy B Paperie, Jessica Brennan
Videographer: Frank Ahn
Getting Ready Location: DoubleTree Hilton Tarrytown

Amy & Anthony’s wedding at Belle Haven Club in Greenwich, CT

Amy & Anthony were married on a beautiful summer day at St. Catherine of Siena in Greenwich, Connecticut.  I started the day with Amy’s getting ready with her bridesmaids just down the street from the church, at J House. There was time for portraits and group shots after the ceremony so Anthony got his first look of Amy in her amazing dress and veil as she walked down the aisle toward him at the church.  After a full mass and ceremony we gathered the family for portraits inside the church and then made our way to Belle Haven Club, a fabulous Greenwich yacht club where their tented reception would take place. While guests arrived the wedding party took a ride out into the harbor on the club’s launch and then made a grand entrance at the dock for Cocktail hour. At sunset the club’s canon was fired and flag brought down, a nightly tradition.  As the reception unfolded guests were treated to a handful of warm and funny toasts from parents and siblings, as well as a few very sweet parent dances, a cake cutting, and a bouquet toss. The dance floor saw a lot of action– I’ve never seen so many people hoisted up on shoulders!  The unique DJ-and-drums combination provided by Get Down Entertainment really took things to the next level, and the crowd went wild as they played favorite after favorite. At the end of the evening Amy and Anthony walked out on the dock and hopped on a boat to be taken back to their hotel as we all cheered and waved goodbye. Congratulations to Amy and Anthony on their fabulous wedding, it was an absolute joy to capture!

Vendor Information:
Getting Ready Location: J House, Riverside, CT
Reception Venue & Catering: Belle Haven Club, Greenwich, CT
Floral Design: Madison Flower Shop
Wedding gown: Caroline Castigliano
Bride’s shoes: Mischka Badgley
Bridesmaid dresses:  Watters
Groom’s suit/tux:  Suit Supply
Officiant: Father Peter Cipriani
Invitation Design: J Papers


Mallory & Rory’s Engagement Portraits on the Upper East Side

Mallory & Rory are to be wed next September at Pine Hollow Country Club on Long Island. They work in NYC schools and live on the upper east side, so naturally we shot their engagement portraits around their neighborhood, focusing on the beautiful Carl Schulz Park and promenade. These two are big fans of bridges, and the Queensboro Bridge is Mallory’s favorite so we hopped in a cab and ended our shoot at a spot in midtown she knew would be perfect to get it in the background after the lights went on at night. Check out my favorites from their shoot and check back in fall of 2018 to see their wedding!

Maya & Michael’s Wedding at The Roundhouse

Maya & Michael were married on a summer afternoon outdoors at a private home they rented with their families for the occasion.  Surrounded by peach trees and stunning views of the Hudson river, they exchanged vows and bestowed sweet letters of appreciation upon their loved ones.  After changing out of their wedding clothes (which they’d don again for the reception on the following evening) they joined everyone inside for an impeccably catered meal together, and a rousing giant game of Jenga, which would later delight their guests at the cocktail hour on Saturday at The Roundhouse.  On Saturday I started with the couple’s formal portraits and family group shots before guests began arriving for a cocktail hour and evening reception there in the beautiful brick building that serves this upscale hotel and venue as a rustic industrial ballroom complete with a grand staircase for entrances. Highlights of the evening included a beautiful first dance, a rousing set of toasts from family & friends, and one of the most charming father-daughter dances I’ve ever seen! I was delighted to be a part of this very special wedding– Congratulations to Maya & Michael– they deserve every happiness!

Vendor Credits:
Reception Venue: The Roundhouse
Event Design: Corinne Van Arsdale
Wedding gown: Carolina Herrera
Groom’s suit/tux: Hugo Boss
Invitation Design: Wedding Paper Divas
Catering: The Roundhouse
Music: Suit & Tie
Rings: Angela Vertin