Panorama from Brooklyn…

I got the chance to shoot this panorama (it’s actually a bunch of shots stitched together!) from a client’s balcony in Brooklyn. Ovi and Joana are packing up and leaving behind their great apartment and financial jobs to go on a backpacking trip around the world! This newlywed couple wanted some shots of themselves hanging out in their sweet digs so they can always remember their life together here in good old NYC… I actually bartered the shoot for Joana’s practically brand new beautiful womens city-cruiser bicycle with a comfy seat– they’re trying to get rid of basically everything they own, can you imagine?! What a beauty it is too. It’s even light enough to carry up and down my stairs. Now if i can just get my photo backpack light enough to ride back and forth from the studio…blogsizesunsetpano


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D. Tew - February 28, 2009 - 5:12 am

Quite a view! Did they live there at the time of 9/11? That would have been especially surreal and alarming.

Send photo of bike!!

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