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Marisa & Rob’s wedding at The Palm House

As Marisa & Rob’s wedding day approached it became clear that it was going to rain… and not just rain a little, but rain all day and all night.  The good news?  Their venue was one of the most beautiful spaces in New York City--The Palm House— which comes complete with access to the indoor garden and “climate” rooms of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens– which are so lush I could get just as much portraiture with greenery inside as I could if it were a beautiful day outside on the adjoining grounds. I was delighted by Marisa’s unique long-sleeved wedding gown with lace details and a sexy low back– paired with Rob’s amazing velvet jacket these two were looking awfully sexy & sophisticated!  Highlights of the day for me included Marisa’s sweet tears during the ceremony their tight embrace after she spoke her vows, the way he lifted and spun her around in the middle of their first dance (that was amazing, Rob!!!), and Marisa’s mother’s poetic toast and the tears that followed.  Oh and also the surprise Groom’s cake was a major hit– the reactions to it were so fun to shoot!  Last but not least, my hope, knowing it would be raining all day,  was to get a chance to make the night portraits you see here in the gallery preview, and sure enough, at the end of the night when I approached the bride and groom they were totally game to come outside for a few minutes and pose for me… I love how these shots turned out and for me it was a little dream come true to have such a fun couple willingly step outside under my big clear umbrella on a dark rainy night–I have brought it along to so many weddings in hopes of having this very opportunity but circumstances never came together until this wedding!

Dress by Yaki Ravid
Shoes by Manolo Blahnik
Rings by Wempe
Hair & Makeup by Roberto Bezjon
Flowers by Seaport Flowers
Catering & Cake by Charles, Sally, Charles
Officiated by Rabbi Ari Fridkis
Ketubah by Judiac Connection
Placecards by Lee’s Arts & Crafts


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