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Laura & John’s Wedding at Current

Laura and John were wed on a beautiful October Saturday at one of Abigail Kirsch’s newer venues, Current, at Chelsea Piers.  We were just blocks from the High Line Park so naturally I shot Laura & John’s couple portraits up there and then returned to meet their wedding party and family groups for the rest of the formals inside since there were fairly strong winds over there by the Hudson river.  I was particularly excited to see what Laura had in store for us as she is an editor at Real Simple, and WOW she came up with such great ideas for her wedding decor!  I was particularly enamored with the Apples tagged as escort cards- they made such a pretty entryway table display!  I was floored by the “floating ring” Chuppah put together by the florists at Atlas.  I’ve never seen anything like it– they did a marvelous job and it looked incredible there during the ceremony.  Another neat idea was having the guests sign and write messages on Jenga pieces that the couple can keep and use.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that they had a gorgeous cake from Momofuku Milk Bar— check it out!   Not only were the details incredible but there was so much love in the air all day long– from their first look through the toasts to the parent dances, the atmosphere was rich with sweet emotions.  I particularly loved hearing the couple’s own toast in which Laura told a very funny story from the beginning of their relationship, when she and John were separated long distance but knew it was real even though they’d only just met a little while before she’d left the country.  It is so nice when couples aren’t afraid to share their experiences and tell a story or two at their wedding– you can always tell that the guests love hearing these stories, and of course so do I!  It was such an honor and a pleasure capturing these special wedding memories for Laura & John– with any luck maybe we’ll get to read Laura’s wedding planning tips on Real Simple sometime soon!

Vendor Credits:
Wedding Day-of Coordinator: Paul Macias
Wedding gown: Jenny Packham
Bride’s shoes: Manolo Blahnik 
Hair & Makeup: Paul Labrecque
Getting Ready Location: Hotel Indigo
Bridesmaid dresses: Adrianna Papell 
Groom’s suit/tux: Black by Vera Wang
Ties by Burberry
Officiant: Angela Kwan
Invitation Design: Minted
Catering: Abigail Kirsch
Music: Radio Undergound / Element Music
Bride’s Veil: Jenny Packham
Favors: Custom mini champagne bottles from personalwine.com
Calligraphy & Chalkboard Signage: Kurtz McKinnon Creative LLC
Custom cocktail hour napkins: weddingpaperdivas.com



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