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Colleen & David’s Wedding at The Kaaterskill

Just when you think you’ve seen all the various approaches to a wedding day a couple like this comes along and blows you away.  Colleen & David planned a fun and colorful wedding in a relaxed and beautiful farm and inn called The Kaaterskill, which has sweet red barns, unique interiors,  Llamas, and a lovely pond at the center of it all. They wanted it to feel personal but most importantly full of laughter and joy for all who came.  It turns out they weren’t kidding with the ‘best wedding ever’ traffic signage they had directing guests along a path through the woods to the clearing where the ceremony was to be!  DIY projects and thoughtful and funny decor items elevated this celebration at every turn, but the real kicker for me was the intense happiness of these two to be marrying one another. I see a lot of couples who are in love but when you get two amazingly creative individuals who share this special kind of Joie de vivre AND they’re wildly attracted to one another?  WATCH OUT!  We didn’t need the sparklers around the dance floor at the end of the night to feel the fireworks here!  I could go on and on about the amazing details at this wedding… like what, you ask?  Oh, just a guest book that featured pictures of CHRISTOPHER GUEST throughout his carreer in films, a pair of Ushers wearing USHER TEESHIRTS, and don’t even get me started about the Bubble Gun usage at the ceremony. SO FUN!   Instead of “Bridesmaids” and “Groomsmen” we had a “Council of Bitches” and “The Fellowship of the Wedding Ring,” complete with fake custom tattoos and branded sunglasses for the women and whiskey glasses with funny nicknames for the guys. There was cheeky signage all over the wedding and there were colorful kaleidescopes sprinkled throughout the gorgeous and brightly colored tablescapes.  Really I could go on and on about all the delightful, funny, and stylish elements of this wedding, but what you should really know about this couple is that they are madly in love and together they are a force of nature that could take over the world, so remember this post.  Congratulations to Colleen & David, they deserve every happiness– they surely made me and everyone else who had the honor of witnessing this union very very happy indeed!

Vendor Credits
Reception Venue: The Kaaterskill 
Event Design: A Charmed Affair
Bride’s shoes: SJP “Fabi”
Bridesmaid dresses: Donna Morgan
Groom’s suit/tux: Express
Officiant: Jill Booth-Clibborn
Invitation Design: 4lovepolkadots
Catering: Lekker 209


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