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Laura & Joel’s Wedding at Fort Tryon Park & New Leaf Restaurant

Laura & Joel planned a simple and beautiful ceremony followed by cocktails and a lovely clear-tented reception at New Leaf Restaurant, which sits just downhill from Linden Terrace, where they were wed.  I started the day with Laura’s preparation at Lucerne Hotel on the Upper West Side while my assistant shot some preparation with Joel and his buddies at an apartment nearby.  We met up in the gardens (crowded on a beautiful saturday like this one!) up by the venue and had a fantastic round of portraits with them around Fort Tryon Parkbefore heading back to New Leaf to meet up with their families for group shots.  Before signing their Ketubah I got inspired to do a double exposure with the gorgeous tall trees up there as one frame and a silouette of Laura & Joel as the main image– I love what I got!  Highlights of this wedding for me included the Joel’s emotion during the vows, a toast that had me tearing up, and some fantastic dance floor action under the beautiful raindrop-covered transparent tent that night.  I also must say that the food we had was divine– that New Leaf is not messing around, that place is G at what they do!  Oh and another highlight was NOT getting sprayed by the skunk I ran into when I was outside the venue shooting a long exposure of the venue at night on my tripod.  Check out my favorites below… Congratulations to this wonderful couple!

Vendor Information:
Ceremony Location:  Linden Terrace, Fort Tryon Park
Reception Venue & Catering: New Leaf Restaurant
Wedding Planner: Emily Lester, EM Event Management
Wedding gown:  Romona Keveza
Bride’s shoes:
Hair & Makeup: Margie Bresciani
Officiant:  Rabbi Diana Gerson
Invitation Design:  Bella Figura
Floral Design:  Rachel Cho Floral Design
Music: Beat Train
Ketubah:  Joshua Alvarez
Laura’s wedding band: Written by Forest  
Cake by: A Simple Cake


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