Baby Zackary at 6 months (Already?!)

Today I shot some portraits with Zackary Cavallo and family… since we shot outdoors at the 3 month session I figured today we’d do more inside studio shots (and at 1 year we’ll do more outside since he’ll probably be quite active then, perfect for a park visit!). Boy what a cute smile this baby has… and he’s SO happy! You should see the way he wiggles and dances, i’ve never seen anything so adorable. Lydia offered to take a shot of me with Zackary at the end of our session, what a delightful image she got too, check me out. And yes… I like holding babies…049zackary6months_bysarahtew






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Colleen Cavallo - April 27, 2009 - 2:21 pm

Dear Sarah – I should have written long ago. Your photographs are indescribably beautiful. They make me feel like reaching right in to touch that darling baby and his soft skin. I feel so happy that Lydia, Jay and Zackary are having this wonderful experience with you. Your future looks very bright. Thank you for sharing this portion of your journey with our family. Warm wishes – Zackary’s NY Grandma, Colleen Cavallo.

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