Body art shoot with Jessica Jade Jacob

On tuesday I shot some interesting images collaborating with makeup artist Jessica Jade Jacob, who often specializes in prosthetics… She’s about to start teaching a body art class (mostly doing more traditional work like bodypainting I imagine) based out of a gallery in Chelsea and they wanted to have some images of her work to put up on the walls and use in advertisements for the class. I didn’t know what to expect but when i showed up she had a bag full of fresh octopus (from chinatown?) and a bunch of daisies… add a model and what more do you need? We shot in the gallery and up on their roof… I hope to collaborate with Jessica again soon to shoot more of her bodypainting style and some other ideas we hatched while working together. bodyart_jessicajadejacob01




Sort of disturbing, eh? Yeah, I’m a vegetarian (and no i don’t eat fish!) and while I personally never would have come up with or executed this ‘octopus’ shoot idea myself I am pretty impressed with the quality of the images it produced… lent itself to some dark imagery worthy of a gallery wall I hope.




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