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new website is up!

So after several years of dilly-dallying and perfectionist procrastination on design decisions I’ve actually got my new website up and functional… it’s not COMPLETE yet (i still have to fill out more of my portrait and personal/documentary/fine art work, and the logo is temporarily not working/fitting into the design so i may have to just […]

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Chris & Christina’s Photobooth and Wedding Highlights!

Chris and Christina had a big wedding with tons of fun-loving family and friends– their whole event was flooding with love! From the special serenade for the couple to a sing-along to celebrate a beloved grandfather’s birthday it was a very musical event. I brought the photobooth setup and we got some really fun shots […]

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Multimedia Coverage of NY Comic Con for CNET / CBS Interactive

Check out my slideshow, guys!  I am getting really into the audio aspect of this type of coverage, it’s so fun to gather these little interviews and even more fun to edit them together with atmosphere recordings in the background.  I love how open people are with audio recorders– I think it’s much safer feeling […]

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