Samir’s Proposal in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Samir contacted me not too long ago wanting to arrange for me to shoot (in spy-fashion of course) his proposal to his beloved Reena.  After brainstorming with me and scouting some locations he decided to do it at Brooklyn Bridge Park with the skyline as a backdrop.  I met him at the park for a consultation/planning session and we worked out our signals and planned to text eachother for last minute communications.  After a week of crazy heat (thankfully I was out of town!) Saturday (June 10th) arrived and it was of course, nearly raining all day.  One of those fine mist-like rains that’s neither here nor there– one feels silly walking with an umbrella, yet without one you get pretty damp after a few blocks.  I arrived at the agreed upon spot and lucky for us the rain was keeping our park nice and empty, except a few  hardcore joggers and dog-walkers.  I texted Samir that he should bring her to location “A” (our first choice spot) as it was all clear.  They took the water taxi over (romantic!) and strolled through the park to kill time before their dinner reservation (or so she thought)… and then… once they got up to the edge of the park (and had walked past me, sitting their reading a book on a bench) he turned her to face him and got down on one knee… I couldn’t hear how he phrased it but it must have been very sweet… she fell to her knees and hugged and kissed him before he put the ring on her finger.  Afterwards he told her I was there to shoot it for them and she changed into the heels she brought for dinner and we made a few sweet portraits around the park as they walked to the restaurant to meet her whole family– whom he had secretly planned to have visit for the occasion!  Congratulations on your engagement, Samir and Reena!


she didn’t suspect a thing…


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