Beautiful glass work…

Amber Cowan, a glassblower and teacher here in Williamsburg was looking for a photographer who could make portfolio quality images of her hand blown glass work.  Shooting glass is a challenge because it is so tricky to get the dimension and reflective quality without ugly reflections or glare. I think I did a pretty good job, I applied a few different techniques with her work, here are a few of my favorite images.amberdec2008_portfolio-2amberglassportfolio-57amberdec2008_portfolio-12amberglassgroup1line-of-heads-for-art-cardamberglassportfolio-146

Family Portrait Season again…

It’s that time of year again, time to get a family portrait and send out your yearly holiday cards… here are a few favorites I did for a family that wanted to showcase their little ones and the cool rooftop of their building in downtown manhattan.familyportraits-7familyportraits-78-4familyportraits-38familyportraits-96

Maternity Portraits with Alice

I’m very excited this week because Alice, a pregnant client, is going to be giving birth any day now… She and her partner have prepared to do a home birth in their apartment here in Manhattan, and they’ve asked me to be the birth photographer. So I’m very nervous and excited as I can only imagine how intense and mindblowing watching the birth process and documenting it will be for me. This couple is so sweet and loving, take a peak at a few of her maternity portraits (shot about a month ago) and wish me luck!017alicematernity


CD Cover shoot with Meg Wolf

I had the pleasure of working with lovely and talented Meg Wolf last week. We made intriguing portraits for use in the CD cover and artwork for her upcoming release, and she was so fantastic to collaborate with. A sneak peak at my favorites…020megwolf_bysarahtew






Elopement at Pete’s Candy Store!

This couple from Slovenia wanted to get married somewhere intimate with a few of their friends to witness while visiting New York City. I recommended one of my favorite cozy bars in Brooklyn on the cute little stage in their back room- nobody was around at 6pm so we had the space all to ourselves. I have always thought the charm of this place would lend itself to an intimate wedding ceremony and sure enough they loved it.