Roller Derby

I started shooting the Gotham Girls Roller Derby just as their 2008 season kicked off. My hope was to follow the season and develop a closer relationship shooting a few intense characters… haven’t yet finished the series but I want to post some of my favorite images thus far. Most of these are from the “Derbytaunt Ball” where new Roller girls were introduced to the community, a Bronx Gridlock practice at the “crash pad” practice space, and of course a few bouts (competitions). ENJOY!roller-derby20

Sundays with Andy

I did a bit of documentary photography last spring about a seedling church that’s been started in a bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Andy Snyder, the fellow who has been trying to get these regular church-type meetings or discussion groups (you might call them) going, is a local musician (indie rock I would call it) and a philosophy professor at Brooklyn College. He’s also an ordained minister and works as a youth minister at the Park Avenue Church in Manhattan (a branch of Obama’s old home church, Trinity). I followed him for a number of Sundays, from his morning attendance at the Park Church to his afternoon meetings (and sometimes they morph into open mike nights) at CoCo’s in Greenpoint. A few favorite images from the series are shown here.

Asheville, North Carolina

Keith and I decided to take a trip down to Asheville, NC, to visit our close friends, artist Julie Armbruster and her husband, Dave. They love living there, it’s a very unique little city in the south, great weather year round, mountains, clean air,  a lot of young liberal, creative types living there and running cool businesses and restaurants…and a very vibrant and active community of artists.  I had been there before and Keith had not so he was curious to see what is there to do in Asheville, North Carolina… During our stay we were attended a time-capsule burying party, played around at a public xylophone garden (so cool), engaged in a lot of ‘stopping to smell the flowers’, and of course, Julie and Dave took us bowling! Check out a few of my favorite images from the trip.  

Portrait of the Cellist as a Young Man…

Shaheen is an extremely dedicated and talented young cellist… his mother brought him to my studio in full tuxedo with his beautiful instrument, freshly polished! I let him warm up and play for a while to get loose, then did some ‘headshots’ for his orchestra playbill image and to use in submissions for contests and whatnot. His playing was so fun to watch I asked him to let me shoot some while he was playing– these were my favorites.009shaheenfavorites