Elopement at Pete’s Candy Store!

This couple from Slovenia wanted to get married somewhere intimate with a few of their friends to witness while visiting New York City. I recommended one of my favorite cozy bars in Brooklyn on the cute little stage in their back room- nobody was around at 6pm so we had the space all to ourselves. I have always thought the charm of this place would lend itself to an intimate wedding ceremony and sure enough they loved it.

Natural Light Headshots outside the new studio!

Since I moved into my new studio in Long Island City last spring I’ve enjoyed shooting headshots in the surrounding neighborhood when the weather was right– it is a fantastic area for finding interesting textures and backgrounds for these type of actor/model portraits, and the best part is that hardly anyone is around to make my subjects self-consious or distracted… that’s hard to find in manhattan locations.clareb_headshot1retouched











Wet hair and a tux…

I had a model portfolio shoot with a young model named Dyck Whitfield… he had the longest craziest hair and so naturally we shot him flipping it around in his tux. Check out my favorites from the shoot.



Dyck Whitfield - February 6, 2009 - 4:31 am

Hey Sara! I had no clue these were up! Nice editing. I like these shots. Thanks for the awesome experience of working with you that evening before the concert. I appreciate it. People really like your work in my book, and I do, too. Your blog, by the way, came up on top on the Google search engine when searching for my name!

Hope New York is treating you well, and that your projector is working.


Dyck Whitfield