Bridal Boudoir Sessions Now Available!

Now that I have such a great studio I’ve been exploring the full range of portraiture I can do here… After shooting some ‘valentines’ gift portraits last year it occurred to me that instead of a traditional ‘bridal session’ there may be brides out there who’d love to give a private album of sexy portraits to their husband as a gift (on wedding day, an anniversary, as a valentines’ gift)… these sessions can be as classy and artistic (or not!) as a bride wants– get out that lingerie he gave you and show off the body you’ve been working on so hard for the wedding!

Here are a few blog-suitable favorites from such a session. Note: the portraits are shown with this bride’s permission– she got the session free in exchange for being my guinea pig! I think she looks fantastic and I can only imagine how excited her husband was.

055bridalboudoirrest_bysarahtewphotoFirst in the dress…


and the “american apparel” look, below… dudes love this, am i right?


We turned the fan on to blow this sheer fabric (and her hair) out… a stunning look!




We had to get out the lingerie of course… check out the pin-up looks on red background!


Some of my favorite shots were those that had too much skin for the blog, but this bride looked amazing and we made some gorgeous nudes that she and her husband will surely cherish for years to come.

So much more to catch up on.

Well, looks like I’m way behind in blogging.  I will post some other favorites from this season’s weddings and engagement sessions this week and next week if I can find the time.  Time is always precious here in New York it seems.  These were shots of Alison and Jay– whose beautiful Block Island May wedding you shall see sometime in September at this turtle-speed I seem to blog at…

Catching up with 2008: Alicia and Matt’s Engagement Portraits

Wow! So much to show you…
I have to start using this blog… signed up a year or so ago and haven’t posted a thing. Time to get serious… I’ve got tons of new images to share and this will be a much easier way of showing them than figuring out how to somehow update my website all the time- something I still haven’t managed to find time for.

2008 got off to a fantastic start for me, I’ve booked more weddings than usual this year and am loving the photos I’m taking of the fantastic couples I’m working with. Check out these engagement portraits I’ve done this season… I love shooting these sessions with a guest book in mind, making different scenes that contrast wide shots with closeups, medium shots, etc, all with different backdrops and film-type looks to them. So far the guestbooks themselves are going over great at the weddings and it’s really gratifying to see people huddled around them smiling…. a few mothers have even asked if they could get copies for themselves so of course I redesigned them as regular albums.

Here we see Alicia and Matt’s engagement portraits, shot this past winter. A really sweet couple, maybe you can tell they’re a little on the shy side? Despite the cold I was able to get some incredibly sweet shots of them– I love catching moments when one person is looking at the other with that unmistakable joy in their eyes. Their wedding was truly unique–held at the famous Explorer’s Club in New York City, complete with stuffed polar bear. I’ll show that in another post… lots to catch up on!