Wet hair and a tux…

I had a model portfolio shoot with a young model named Dyck Whitfield… he had the longest craziest hair and so naturally we shot him flipping it around in his tux. Check out my favorites from the shoot.



Dyck Whitfield - February 6, 2009 - 4:31 am

Hey Sara! I had no clue these were up! Nice editing. I like these shots. Thanks for the awesome experience of working with you that evening before the concert. I appreciate it. People really like your work in my book, and I do, too. Your blog, by the way, came up on top on the Google search engine when searching for my name!

Hope New York is treating you well, and that your projector is working.


Dyck Whitfield

Burning Man 2008, new show of my work

I had the opportunity to travel with friends to the arts festival known as Burning Man this year. I took along 4 different cameras to experiment with, (a plastic toy cameras, a lenticular camera, and a 3d stereo lens attachment for my digital slr along with a circular fisheye lens on a 35mm and my old medium format Kiev 66.) I shot most of the following on a used digital rebel that I bought just for Burning Man! I was too scared to take my expensive pro SLR systems as I had heard horror stories about dust storms ruining lenses and such. It was an unbeleivable experience, and there’s no way I could have known what to expect before going… I had a blast and most of all it was a fantastic photography vacation– so much to shoot. I’ve now got a show of work from this series showing at BOULEVARD, the East Williamsburg cafe and sandwich shoppe that just opened up. They make great coffees and the sandwiches are delicious. A bunch of the below are hanging there in frames now… not sure how long the show will run so check it out soon.img_1221

The only vehicles allowed to drive within Black Rock City are ‘art cars’, such as the above… these can be small bicycle or golf-cart based things built out and decorated or as big as double decker buses that have been completely re-designed. It was unbeleivable to see the things people put together.


The costumes range from funny, sexually provocative, period-based, just plain ridiculous, but above all as original as I’ve ever seen, more so than halloween in NYC even.


The theme of 2008 was “The American Dream.” It was interpreted by participants in so many ways, and there were many thought provoking sculptures on the Playa.


There is so much fire at night. Everywhere you go something is shooting flames or someone is spinning something on fire.


Center Camp at night… encircled by bike racks full of art-bikes, it was a beautiful thing.






Riding in one of the decked out art-buses.


Yeah, and someone set up a roller skating rink. Alas, I was so busy exploring and taking photos I never even skated!


A crowd gathered around the radio station they had set up as it was broadcasting Obama’s speech from the DNC. You wouldn’t know it from this picture but there were actually police in riot-ready gear on 4×4’s that pulled up to listen and monitor the crowd (as though there would be a riot ?)


The “Death Dome” featured a nightly series of matches of, well, I’m not really sure how to describe it. But it was competetive and entertaining, to be sure!



The one above is multiple exposures of people spinning light-up “poi”, etc.


The sunsets in the Nevada desert were so gorgeous.

[…] News Added 2/9/09: Sarah Tew’s Burning Man photos […]

[…] News Added 2/9/09: Sarah Tew’s Burning Man photos […]

[…] News Added 2/9/09: Sarah Tew’s Burning Man photos […]

Election Night Madness

NOT ONLY did Keith and I enjoy ourselves immensely watching the returns with friends at a party in the east village, we got ENGAGED last night! About 30 seconds into the wild celebration that ensued after NBC or whomever we were watching officially called the election for Obama, Keith came over to hug me (I put down my camera for a moment) and he took my hand, said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and put a ring on my finger! Like, a diamond ring! That he saved up and bought for me! I couldn’t beleive it. It was a fitting moment for him to propose- we are both pretty politically invested/interested people and had been obama converts since his speech at the 2004 DNC, which had made us both cry. Well, 4 years later here we are crying together again, this time with happiness for our future together. It’s been a long time coming, oh yes, we’ve been living together for 5 years, we’re practically married already, but let’s face it, weddings are a lot of fun. And we’re going to have one! Yay! Here are my favorite photos from the party, and i’ll post a few from Jeff Zorabedian, my friend and frequent 2nd shooter/assistant at weddings– he was nearby and saw what was going on –he got these great shots of us when he noticed what was transpiring between us!



and then someone else (forget who!) took this pic of Jeff with us in the background… I had just shouted “we’re gonna get married!” and Alex, the host of this party, is on the left pointing at us… what a night!


Here were some of the shots I took before and during the victory announcement…for some reason they’re posting out of order in this gallery…