Michael Delaney’s Headshot

Earlier this week I had a great time shooting a new headshot for Michael Delaney, perhaps most widely known for his frequent guest appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Now he’s been cast in the new 4-man broadway show written by and starring Will Ferrell, titled You’re Welcome America: A Final Night With George W. Bush, playing soon at the Cort Theatre on Broadway. So naturally he needs a new headshot for the playbill! I was honored to work with such a talent.

Delaney is hilarious in various long-form improv troupes that perform at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade Theatre– most notably The Stepfathers and the brilliant troupe (now mostly on hiatus), The Swarm. If you ever have a chance to see him perform, take it! A night at the UCB makes for a great date and if you get interested in performing yourself they offer classes for beginners through advanced levels of improv.


1, 2, 3 very cute dogs!

So I was at Lydia’s house to make portraits of her new baby, Zachary… but I COULD not help photographing her beautiful dogs while I was there… I mean look at this ear.  It does not quit. Much fun with my new favorite lens, the 50mm 1.2 L from Canon.




Anna Gonzales - September 20, 2012 - 8:05 pm

Awwww… so funny the ear still standing up 🙂 there sooo cute!

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble!

I finally saw the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble playing again in the subway station at Union Square. This group is so amazing to see playing live, they make my spirit soar every time I see them… I bought another cd from them after shooting a few pictures- all their songs are original. Check out this video about them, they moved to NYC from the south side of Chicago. Every song draws a crowd and people look around at eachother with the biggest grins– the spontaneous enjoyment of street musicians is truly one of my favorite NYC experiences… this group is one of the most unbeleivable I’ve ever seen.

See the NY Times piece about them here on youtube:


and their website is here:





Baby Zachary

Lydia, a wonderful local Doula and former maternity subject of mine has had her baby Zachary for only a few months, and already we’ve shot 2 rounds of portraits. First we met at my studio for some Mama/Bebe shots, then I dropped by their house this weekend to shoot him in natural light and with Dad at the park. Enjoy a few favorites of mine from the whole series.

To get in touch with a local Doula and see Lydia’s listing, check here:







And here he is this weekend at their home in north Brooklyn– he’s changed so much in a short month…



Does anyone else see the resemblance? So cute…


[…] been shooting portraits of little Zackary since he was in Lydia’s belly, and I must say I just love it when I get the chance to see him […]

Devery & Clay's Family Portrait…

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a holiday card portrait for Devery and Clay– they wanted it to feature their two sweet dogs, both rescued from a shelter in Georgia… though they look related they were actually rescued separately, but they suspect somehow they are perhaps long lost cousins. I first met Devery almost 6 years ago when I was shooting images for her fantastic band, La Laque… they sing entirely in french! Check’m out at