Catching up with 2008: Alicia and Matt's Engagement Portraits

Wow! So much to show you…
I have to start using this blog… signed up a year or so ago and haven’t posted a thing. Time to get serious… I’ve got tons of new images to share and this will be a much easier way of showing them than figuring out how to somehow update my website all the time- something I still haven’t managed to find time for.

2008 got off to a fantastic start for me, I’ve booked more weddings than usual this year and am loving the photos I’m taking of the fantastic couples I’m working with. Check out these engagement portraits I’ve done this season… I love shooting these sessions with a guest book in mind, making different scenes that contrast wide shots with closeups, medium shots, etc, all with different backdrops and film-type looks to them. So far the guestbooks themselves are going over great at the weddings and it’s really gratifying to see people huddled around them smiling…. a few mothers have even asked if they could get copies for themselves so of course I redesigned them as regular albums.

Here we see Alicia and Matt’s engagement portraits, shot this past winter. A really sweet couple, maybe you can tell they’re a little on the shy side? Despite the cold I was able to get some incredibly sweet shots of them– I love catching moments when one person is looking at the other with that unmistakable joy in their eyes. Their wedding was truly unique–held at the famous Explorer’s Club in New York City, complete with stuffed polar bear. I’ll show that in another post… lots to catch up on!

Roller Derby

I started shooting the Gotham Girls Roller Derby just as their 2008 season kicked off. My hope was to follow the season and develop a closer relationship shooting a few intense characters… haven’t yet finished the series but I want to post some of my favorite images thus far. Most of these are from the “Derbytaunt Ball” where new Roller girls were introduced to the community, a Bronx Gridlock practice at the “crash pad” practice space, and of course a few bouts (competitions). ENJOY!roller-derby20

Sundays with Andy

I did a bit of documentary photography last spring about a seedling church that’s been started in a bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Andy Snyder, the fellow who has been trying to get these regular church-type meetings or discussion groups (you might call them) going, is a local musician (indie rock I would call it) and a philosophy professor at Brooklyn College. He’s also an ordained minister and works as a youth minister at the Park Avenue Church in Manhattan (a branch of Obama’s old home church, Trinity). I followed him for a number of Sundays, from his morning attendance at the Park Church to his afternoon meetings (and sometimes they morph into open mike nights) at CoCo’s in Greenpoint. A few favorite images from the series are shown here.

Asheville, North Carolina

Keith and I decided to take a trip down to Asheville, NC, to visit our close friends, artist Julie Armbruster and her husband, Dave. They love living there, it’s a very unique little city in the south, great weather year round, mountains, clean air,  a lot of young liberal, creative types living there and running cool businesses and restaurants…and a very vibrant and active community of artists.  I had been there before and Keith had not so he was curious to see what is there to do in Asheville, North Carolina… During our stay we were attended a time-capsule burying party, played around at a public xylophone garden (so cool), engaged in a lot of ‘stopping to smell the flowers’, and of course, Julie and Dave took us bowling! Check out a few of my favorite images from the trip.